2008 Feb Japan Tour T-shirts Sale! (only 4 shirts lefted!)

판매종료되었습니다. 감사합니다.

by GUMX | 2008/03/02 15:54 | News & Gigs | 트랙백(1) | 덧글(14)

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Commented by 죠쌍 at 2008/03/02 16:57
완전 이쁜니다!!!어서어서 겟하세요!!!
인베이더 X 껌엑스 코라보 에디션!!!!!!!!!
이가격에 휴...힘들어요 ㅋㅋㅋ
Commented by 루이 at 2008/03/03 17:52
완전 레어 아이템인데..
Commented by ssen at 2008/03/04 15:55
티셔츠보다 바닥에 깔린 레이스에 더 눈이 가는근영.
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/04 16:09
/ssen 핫... 사진찍을곳이 마땅찮아서 거실 식탁위에 놓고 찍어서 그렇습니다.. 지적받으니 조금 창피하군뇨.
Commented by airblaster at 2008/03/06 11:22
damn, I wanted a shirt!
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/06 16:16
/airblaster : if you 'REALLY' wanna buy a T-shirt, I can sell it to you. We have lefted some T-shirts for a later events.
Commented by .. at 2008/03/07 00:59
티셔츠 또 판매계획 있으신가요??
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/07 01:08
/.. 예. 아마도. 근데 이제 이디자인은 없어요.
Commented by airblaster at 2008/03/10 15:42
please I want a t-shirt sell me sell me sell me!!!!!!!! please give me details on how this will be done....GUMX fucking ROCKS!!!!!!!
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/10 16:47
/airblaster : wow wow.. calm down calm down. Mr(or Miss).airblaster. First, Are you living in Korea? If you living in outside of Korea. then it seems be difficult to sell it to you. sorry. but if you staying in Korea, and if you know how to wire-transfer at Korean bank. things will be more easier. but I think the best way is 'come to our show, and buy it directly.' we scheduled to live show on March 15th at 'SPOT' (hongdae). if you come to that show. I'll prepare one T-shirt for you. Thank you for your hot interests.
Commented by airblaster at 2008/03/11 09:39
Yes I live in korea....how can i stay calm! I am getting a Gumx Shirt....but I cannot make it this weekend ㅠㅠ I guess wire transfering is best...what size is the shirt?
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/11 10:25
/airblaster : only L, XL size lefted. if you still wanna buy it, then e-mail me including your address. then I'll let you know my bank account. <fatagain@gmail.com>
Commented by airblaster at 2008/03/18 14:23
i sent you an email but no response. I really would like a shirt
Commented by GUMX at 2008/03/18 19:02
/airblaster : I sent a e-mail to you. check out your e-mail.

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